Thursday, September 9, 2010

Waiting For Recovery

Step Six goes hand in hand with Step Seven. We prepare ourselves for change and when we're entirely ready for change, we ask God to help us. And then, more than likely, we wait.....

Step six means we stop trying to recover using our own methods. Our best efforts in the past obviously failed us. God will reveal new ways to overcome our character defects. The problem is, (if you want to call it that), is that it will take time. God works according to his own time table, not ours. We must be prepared to wait.

Waiting is the tricky part, but ask anyone who has some sobriety and they will tell you how they waited. They waited by surrendering and letting go, over and over again. They waited by working the program. They waited and then one day realized the defect of character that had been plaguing them most of their lives had somehow (miraculously?) dissipated.

It is tough to wait. It is tantamount to suffering, but it’s a different kind of suffering. You suffer with temptation. You suffer facing the reality of your character defects that have been avoided with addiction, BUT because you are recovering, you suffer with a sense of hope. Along the way, as you work on recovery, you’ll experience something that will give you the hope of recovery. Maybe something someone says in a meeting, or a phrase from a twelve step book, and as every fiber in your being wants to act out on your addiction you wait with the promise that someday, maybe even in the next moment, God will arrive, give you a way out, and actually help you change.

Written by "Anonymous"

Thursday, September 2, 2010


"Like gratitude, which I have sometimes thought of as the topic we have when nobody can think of a topic, is a key attitude that I need to be reminded of frequently.

"As a self-supported retiree in good health and living in a place that seems like a paradise to me, it seems obvious that there is nothing in my life or this part of the world that I can't just accept, and I know that I am most content when I can do this. There is nothing in this town I wish wasn't, nothing not here that I wish was, and the weather is great.

"But then I find myself looking around and finding a few things wanting, or reading the local paper which seems to be a forum for malcontents, and the simple serenity I find in acceptance loses a bit of its shine.I'm remined of a story about an Irishman who seemed to be super critical of everything. A drinking buddy gazed at this man in his coffin at his wake and said,"Poor Paddy! He won't like Heaven."

From Guest Blogger: Alcoholic in Recovery.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In Memory of Darrel Young

I was really hoping to create this site with my Uncle Darrel Young. Darrel spoke with me about a year and half ago about starting a Fuel Radio site for Recovery. Right away I thought it was a great idea. What a fabulous way to bring the message of hope and recovery to people suffering from addiction.

Unfortunately, Darrel passed away in July 2010 after a year long battle with cancer. Well Darrel, this site is in honor of you and all the people you helped recover while you were here. For a video of Darrel, shot just a few weeks before he passed away, click on the "Videos" tab above.